Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What We Done


So, I was supposed to be spending the next month or so in trial- a long, messy, difficult case to put on. A lot of folks had put a lot of work into it, not least of all myself. A good case, solid, but just an enormous pain to put in front of a jury.

Last second, the guy took a deal. 

Soon as the ink was dry, I ran into my boss's office and told him I was taking the next week off. 

Next day, we hit the road.

On The Road Without Jack Kerouac


We hit a few spots on the beach, up and down the coast.

Let me tell you, it were a blast.



Had a little ocean front home there for a few days. Read good books, ate good food, went for lots of long walks, lazed around a whole lot, and generally had fun. Learned a little bit more about our rig, and what we need and don't need, etc. Fine-tuning as we go. I gotta say, that woman is a hell of a traveling companion. Even-keeled, unflappable, generous, kind, happy, and just fun to be around. Her little dog, too.

It was deeply good. Restorative.


And speaking of restorative:

This is how she sits as of this morning. We spent yesterday on the demo of the entire back wall, and the ceiling in the back half of the Nomad. The previous owners had done some bad things to her that left her open to the elements along the roofline and other places, so she had gotten some serious water damage.

So off came the skin, and out came the rotted walls and ceiling.

Today we'll find out if we can put her back together in somewhat better shape.

Lots to learn.

But I'm having the time of my life.




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