Wednesday, June 29, 2011


First there was this...

the prepping.
In a small space with one thousand drawers and doors and corners. I don't normally like painting or it's evil cousin prepping, but I soldiered on.

and then there was this....

The backyard as work station. Thankfully I got almost everything back in the trailer before it rained. 

Yes, rain. 

In June.

In California.

In the middle of the night.

That was me moving doors and table into the house at 3 AM.

No harm done. 
Everything is extremely blue at the moment. I began the stencilling today, something I was kind of reconsidering after soaking up all that blue and wondering just how much blue a human eye can absorb before seizures or unconsciousness occurs. Apparently, alot as I'm pleased with how it's turning out but then I have a high tolerance for bold color.


The stencilling was much easier and harder than I'd imagined. I thought the actual stencilling itself would be difficult but after a few minutes, I found a rhythm and it went somewhat quickly. It's the contortions you must get your body into when working in such a small space, that really puts the hurt on you.

At least I got most of the doors and drawers back on. 

over and out.

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